Inside Design – Quantum L.E.A.D Event – Pitch Perfect


Our partner company, Quantum Data Centers, is having a L.E.A.D Event (Learn, Educate, Achieve, Dominate), and asked us to design their marketing material. Anytime we have to design for an event it takes a lot of planning and marketing to ensure it gets a good turn out. For the L.E.A.D event this includes entry signs, email templates, and flyers.


The Process:

Determine Theme

Purpose – The L.E.A.D event will teach Sales Representatives how to sell Quantum Data Center rackspace to clients.

Target Audience – Sales Representatives

Theme – Baseball


Because it is targeted towards Sales Teams we wrote down any words we associate with sales. We narrowed down our list to Pitch, Momentum, and Sales Leads.

Ultimately we chose ‘Pitch’.


After determining our keyword for the event we started brainstorming a theme and it didn’t take long before we chose a baseball theme. A lot of baseball related terms and even the gameplay are easily associated with sales, ‘pitch’, ‘home run’, ‘out of the park’, etc.  So baseball will be the focus of our flyers and marketing materials.


Design the Flyer

We wanted to emphasize the theme of the event in our flyer design as well as the new Q character for Quantum Data Centers . We used the Tigers colors (Detroit’s MLB Team) as our accent colors. And used a high-def baseball image from unsplash.

Take a look at the official flyer for the event:


Decorate the Room 

We work with QDC to decorate the room with a baseball theme and ensure all the slideshows are working properly. Then they’re ready to open the doors and enjoy the event. Be sure to check the QDC Blog for your Business to see a “Behind-the-Scenes” look coming up this week.