Installing WordPress with Softaculous in Interworx

This tutorial will walk you through installing WordPress on your website using Softaculous on your Siteworx account. This tutorial is geared towards a Siteworx web control panel, but any control panel with Softaculous installed will follow similar steps.

Prerequisites: Siteworx Account Credentials

  1. Login to your Siteworx account
  2. In the left hand menu panel under Hosting Features
  3. Click on Softaculous
  4. You should see a button for WordPress at the top under “Top Scripts,” if not on the left menu either search for WordPress or go under Blogs > WordPress
  5. Click on WordPress
  6. Click the install now button

We will walk through each menu and its options below:

Software Setup

1. Choose the http or https protocol for your website:

Choose protocol – http://

*if you are using an ssl security certificate on your server then select https:// from the dropdown

2. Select the domain name to install WordPress on:

Choose domain – 

*any subdomains or main domain for your account will be in the dropdown.

3. Choose the directory to install WordPress in:

Choose directory – wp

 *by default it will install it in the wp directory, leave this blank if you would like it in the root of public_html

Site Settings

1. Enter your site name:

Site Name – Your Company/Blog Name

*NOTE: This is not your url it is the actual name of your company or business. For example Quantum Services Group instead of

2. Enter site description:

Site description – Short description of your website

3. Enable Multisite Y/N:

*Check this box if you plan on having a network of sites on one WordPress installation. Learn more about multisites here.

Admin Account

Enter in your admin username, password, and email.

*This will be used to login to the admin portal of WordPress are

If you forget your admin username or password read: STEP-BY-STEP: How to reset it through the database using PHP My Admin

Choose Language

Select the language you would like to use for your site and site files.

Select Plugins

Check the box to enable loginizer, we recommend you check this box to improve security by preventing multiple invalid login attempts to your WordPress site.

*If you leave this unchecked you can always install or uninstall this plugin at a later date.

Expand the “Advanced Options” Section

1. Enter your Database Name:

Database Name – wp###

*Enter the name that you would like to use for the database for your wordpress site. This name is usually wp### for example wp784 by default, but it can be anything you would like.

2. Enter a Table Prefix:

Table Prefix – wp_ 

*Usually wp, wpix, etc. is the prefix or wp### (ex- wp123) but again this can be anything you’d like. It is the characters that will append to every database table name, for example wp123_options

3. Check the options you would like for Backups and Automatic Upgrades (click the gray info circle next to each to learn more).

Select Theme

You can select a default theme to install (this can always be changed later) or you can start with the default WordPress theme automatically.

Finally, click install and the WordPress installation will be complete.


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