Is Detroit the Next Silicon Valley?

When thinking of Silicon Valley – immediately, cutting-edge technology and software companies come to mind. Home to Apple, Google, Facebook, and so many others – these industry leaders have headquartered there for decades. But this year brought new challenges to these companies. In the last 6 months we have seen a tremendous rise in remote work causing them to reevaluate the cost and inconveniences of Silicon Valley. Many are making plans to leave or relocate to more affordable cities and states – a welcome opportunity for those living there. Chicago, Austin, Boston, and Seattle have been popular alternatives to Silicon Valley for years, but the focus is slowly shifting away from these big cities in favor of what has the potential to be the next Silicon Valley, the “Motor City” – Detroit.

Detroit has been making a tremendous comeback over the last decade, and is highly attractive to these business owners – for good reason. Investments from local businesses, low cost of living, cost-effective real estate, convenient public transportation, and the drive and passion of its people are quickly turning Detroit into a vibrant city full of opportunity again. For the last few years, researchers and industry-insiders have noticed this growth in Detroit with young tech-savvy students filling companies in the city center – and feel it could easily become the next Silicon Valley.  Amazon, agrees and is looking to open its own $400M distribution center in the city. As more businesses take notice of Detroit’s potential it continues to pave the way to a strong revival from its painful past and we couldn’t be more excited.

QSG has proudly been located in the metro Detroit area since our very beginning – over 20 years ago. We understand the challenges of Detroit’s history and are dedicated to supporting this revival. As more companies call Detroit home we hope to work with these new and local businesses to deliver the absolute best managed services Detroit has to offer – aiding in both the continued growth of Detroit’s success and these businesses for decades to come.

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