Inside Design – The JW TEK Rebranding

As JW TEK continues to grow we wanted to give a fresh new look that expresses a clean, modern feel. We decided this should start with the logo. The redesign process took a few weeks to complete and went through a lot of revisions.

Our Designer Katie was responsible for the redesign and began the project in March and the new logo was unveiled at the end of that month.


We started the redesign analyzing the old logo, researching the market, and collecting inspiration. We organized these resources and created a brand board.


“We asked ourselves questions about our logo to see what parts we wanted to keep and what we wanted to change – What did we like about it? What could be improved? Is the color scheme easy to work with?”


Then we compared our current logo to the logos that inspired us. Side-by-side our current logo was lacking the clean and modern look we were drawn to. So we started creating sketches, trying to combine the styles we like with the classic JW TEK logo style – it was a lot of sketches. Anything that came to mind was drawn into Illustrator and anything that stood out was made into a mock-up.


Once the mock-ups were designed we still felt like we were missing something. The particular element we liked about the old logo was the purple “swoop.” So we continued making more revisions, this time trying to incorporate the swoop.

Finally after a few more days of revisions we found a logo that embodied our new mission, had a throw-back to the swoosh with the curve of the J, and that can continue to be relevant as our company grows. We swapped the purple for the JW TEK Blue Duo to create a softer, clean, and modern look.

THE NEW LOGO UNVEILED: The Construction of the New Logo 

Tip from our Designers: Free mock-ups are available all over the internet and are a great way to see how your logo would look in different applications. Find free mock-ups here.



Redesigning the JW TEK logo was an exciting project to work on. It had it’s challenges but we are very proud of the result. Thanks to the team’s collaboration, a focused design process, and constructive feedback, the entire team is proud of the result!


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