Why you Should be using a Mechanical Keyboard

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard is a keyboard built with high quality, typically spring activated, key switches. These key switches vary based on the keyboard’s application or user preference. Unlike mechanical keyboards, standard keyboards (around 90%) utilize inexpensive rubber dome technology that creates an unsatisfying feel and typing experience that only registers a keypress when completely pressed down.  [1]

Rubber Switches

Mechanical Switches


Why you should be using one:

There are many advantages to using a mechanical keyboard but unfortunately, many people haven’t had a chance to try one. Until a few weeks ago I was one of those people…Somehow I made it through 4 years of coding while getting my Computer Science degree without ever using one. Luckily I work with a group of IT techs each using their own mechanical keyboard and spending their work days click-clacking away with high precision. After a conversation with our techs, I borrowed a keyboard for a couple weeks and I’m already having withdrawals as I type this on a standard keyboard. In my short time using a mechanical keyboard I felt less discomfort from typing for long periods of time and significantly improved accuracy. Mechanical keyboards offer precise keystrokes with a solid heavy base and improved typing reliability that makes the switch and price worth it.


Longer Lifespan

Mechanical keyboards have a significantly longer life span than most standard keyboards. They also hardly wear out. Even after several years typing on a mechanical keyboard it works just as well as when it was brand new.


Improved Typing Experience and Feedback

Mechanical keyboards are built to register a keypress even when the key is halfway down, unlike standard keyboards that need to be completely pressed to register. This helps improve typing speed and accuracy and decrease hand fatigue when typing for long periods of time.


The Satisfying “Click-Clack”:

For some, the clicking noise of the mechanical keyboard may take some time to adjust to since they are slightly louder than standard keyboards. I had this problem originally, but after a few days it just becomes background noise that you tone out. If the noise is a problem for you then you can choose a silent mechanical keyboard or use O-rings to decrease the sound.


In a Nutshell

Overall mechanical keyboards are definitely worth the extra money, they are extremely durable and provide long-lasting comfort while typing with improved accuracy, they are also highly customizable with different backlighting and key colors available. Check out our list of recommended Mechanical Keyboards to get you started. Let us know what keyboards you use in the comments below!