How to Enhance Low Res Photos Online FREE

We recently came across a website that uses machine learning to enhance low res photos for free. The tool is called Let’s Enhance, it has a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to drop your image directly onto the page, wait a few seconds, and then receive two different filtered results. Check out the example below with one of our low-res images. Due to heavy load at the time we uploaded our image it took about 2 minutes to enhance, but the results were worth the wait. Not only did it blow up the image 4x but it also cleaned up some of the edges. This is not the perfect solution, but for images that have minor resolution errors and need to be enhanced fast it works well.


enhance low res photos - Original Photo
enhance low res photos - Magic Filter Lets Enhance IO
magic filter and enlarged 4x


Our team tried a wide variety of photos with different resolution levels and found that the tool works best for medium-resolution photos – out of all of the filters, the magic filter seemed to produce the best results. So head on over to Let’s Enhance and give it a try! Right now you can only upload a single image at a time, and must have an account to view your results. We hope in the future they will create a bulk upload option and guest account feature.

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