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COVID-19 Drives Greatest Tech Investment Surge in History – Cyberattacks also on the Rise

As COVID-19 continues to impact our lives and businesses there is an increasing demand for secure and reliable technology. This demand has caused a surge in tech investments, as companies spent around $15 billion extra a week on technology during the first week of this pandemic. These investments were spent on advancements to create safe and secure remote work environments for their employees and connections to their clients.

As companies continue to evolve in this pandemic, IT leaders have accelerated digital transformation and adoption of emerging technologies to improve both their systems and their consumers applications. Unfortunately, along with this surge in digital investments, cyber threats are also on the rise. 4 of 10 IT leaders are reporting more cyber attacks on their businesses now, than before COVID-19. These attacks are primarily phishing and malware – increasing the risk of exposure to employees working from home and secure data falling into dangerous hands.

Businesses are struggling to keep up with these looming threats, despite their increased investments, and are further challenged by the difficulty to find skilled cyber security professionals to support this shift to remote work. Almost overnight this field has grown to become highly ‘in demand’ and is the first time in over a decade that security skillsets are topping the list of global technology skills shortages.

Steve Bates, global leader of KPMG International’s CIO Center of Excellence had an interview with Information Age in which he elaborated on this skill shortage: “This year’s CIO Survey also highlighted that there is a cyber skills shortage globally, and this has left companies with reduced capacity to monitor and react to these growing cyber attacks. To fill this skills gap, companies will need to develop a next generation of cyber professionals — that have cloud, data, architecture, and integration skills. At the same time, external support may need to be brought in to bridge this gap until companies can develop these new cyber professionals.”

What does this mean for your business? How can you keep your employees and data safe now?

Businesses are having a tough time as it is – let alone the increased risk of data theft, hacks, and ransoms, without an internal team to combat these threats. This leaves many asking – “is it possible to maintain secure and reliable systems to protect us from these attacks without further straining our already low tech budgets?”

Fortunately, with QSG security services we have a team of experts with the cyber security skillset you need now to protect against tomorrows threats. We offer affordable solutions that give you the peace-of-mind protection you need in this year of uncertainty. Reach out to us today to get started – 248.247.3000 or contact us.

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