Inside Design – Hausbeck

Hausbeck Pickles and Peppers located in Saginaw, Michigan has been a family-owned company since the 1920s. They specialize in making the finest pickles and peppers for large restaurant and fast food chains around the US. We were so excited to be a part of their new website design and worked with their team to develop a site that emphasized their history, fresh high-quality products, and fun-loving spirit. Click here to see Hausbeck’s new website.

The Process:


STAGE 1 : Research

Making a new website takes a lot of time and planning. We started the redesign by comparing their current website to similar websites in their industry. This gives us an idea for layout, content, and the different design styles their industry gravitates towards. So we can make stand out!


We made a brand board and mood board to come up with the overall look and feel we wanted for the site. Hausbeck is a company with a lot of history, they’re colorful and fun, with quality products, we wanted the site to reflect that and that’s why we chose colorful shades of blue, yellow and green (the color of pickles and peppers).


STAGE 2: Mock-Ups and Wireframes

After researching and coming up with a good idea of how we wanted the site to look we came up with 2 mock-up designs for their team to review. We went for two different looks and styles, each with their own advantages.


STAGE 3: The Decision

After a few emails back and forth Hausbeck decided on Design #1. This design is a clean, modern look with bright, colorful call outs and images.

20160711_121659STAGE 4: Building the Site

We built the site in a week and decided to go with a CMS framework so the team members at Hausbeck could continue editing and improving the site’s content.

STAGE 5: Testing

Testing can be a hassle with large sites, but since only has 6 pages it was easy to test. We tested on virtual devices and physical devices for responsiveness. We also tested the website on all modern browsers. We were pleased that the site required very minimal fixes.

STAGE 6: goes live!

Finally it was time for to go live. The site is hosted at our partner data center: Quantum Data Center. And the transition was a breeze. We are very proud of the final product and its colorful reflection of Hausbeck’s long family history.